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Marco Migliaccio

Marco Migliaccio – Hip Hop adults

Marco is Art director and Co-founder of Bolo1Move. He has performed in various national contexts such as, for example, Milan Fashion Week (dancer for Corona), Colorado café live (Baz and Pintus), MTV Bologna Music Festival, WDW 2007 and Slick beats Rock the Beat. He danced for Lee John (Immagination, Italian tour), Senit (San Siro - Friends for Abruzzo, HipHop tv day, 3allin tour) and in the show Another Carmen (Bologna, Teatro Comunale and Teatro Duse and San Marino). He is contest winner as Street Fighters (with Mnai's and Eazy), 3vs3 Mix Style (Hyper Week, America contest) and 1vs1 (Big C), as well as choreographer for Eazy (Street Fighters area winners and numerous contests).

Selected among the 20 European crews taking part in the Paris Dance Delight, Rai Gulp, Givenchy, Ducati, Days in Vegas (videoclip).

He held several workshops, among others for Hyper Week, Greek Dance Camp, The Jumbo and was a judge for That my Trick's (2014), Keep Dance (2012-2014 and 2016), Nogarole Rocca (2011,2016), Back to My bullshit (2011), Pick Up Us (2011), Danzando in Tour (2012), FIDS Italian Championships (2010), Dance in the Federation (2015).