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Carlotta Mandrioli

Carlotta Mandrioli - Contemporary Dance for middle and high schools.

Boost by a growing passion for music and dance, she attended her first modern dance class at 20 years of age but despite the delayed entry, thanks to the dedication and strong sense of responsibility that distinguish her, she continued her education in the dance world, exploring different styles and techniques.
In 2007 she moved to Dublin where she approached for the first time the study of contemporary dance attending the courses at The Lab, Dancehouse. In 2009 she spent about two months in New York where she perfected modern and contemporary dance technique studying at Broadway Dance Center and Steps. She also studied at Arcobaleno dance and Momas Studios in Milan (2010-2011).
From 2010 begin the artistic collaboration with the Company DNA Danza, founded and directed by Elisa Pagani, participating as a dancer for the creations Penelope and Groundless and following the organization of institutional communication. At the same time she attended a neuro-linguistic programming course with the psychologist Roberto Gavioli ( and in 2015 she obtained the certification of PNL Practioner. She also attended several seminars and workshops: between 2016 and 2017 she participated in the Choreographic Composition Seminar for Children at Campus Summer School Ida Dance, at the Seminar of Axis Syllabus and Contact Improvisation with Frey Faust and at the Expressive Workshop Iòaki Azpillaga at Impulstanz Festival of Vienna.
During the year 2014-2015, she attended the training course of 7 meetings on the expressive language of Roberto Zappalà. Between 2012 and 2013, she studied with Daniele Ziglioli, Ivan Pèrez (Netherlands Dance Theater), Jiri Pokorny (Netherlands Dance Theater), Eldon Pulak (Berlin) and Roberto Zappalà (Zappalà Danza Company).