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Giannalberto de Filippis

Gainnalberto de Filippis - Contemporary dance App e AppStage

Contemporary Dance App and AppStage. He practiced Chinese martial arts for 14 years, it is his first experience of studying the body and movement and represents a fundamental root in his way of thinking about dance. In 1998 he worked in the "Lyria" company of Giulia Gussago in Brescia. In 1999 he graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School and later studied techniques such as releases, Limón, Contact and Improvisation with masters such as Poul Douglas, Sasha Rubicek, Kerry Nicholls, Sue McLannan, Adam Benjamin, Fin Walker, Gill Clarke, Siobhan Davies, Jeremy Nelson and other.

As a dancer:
- Between 2000 and 2002 he worked in Switzerland in the "Molteni" company of Philipp Egli and in Germany with Iztok Kovac (En-Knap), Martina Labontè, Mikel Aristegui and in 2003 with Sasha Waltz.
- In 2007 he worked in the Naturalis Labor Company of Luciano Padovani in "La Catedràl". In 2009 in "Dialogue 9 - Maxxi" again with the choreographer Sasha Waltz.
- In 2010 he worked with the Compagnia AbbondanzaBertoni in the production "A Libera Figura".
- In 2011 he still danced for AbbondanzaBertoni at the "Piccolo Teatro" in Milan.
- In 2014 he worked in the Naturalis Labor Company in "Romeo y Julieta".
- In 2017 dance in "Circle" for the choreographer Roberta Zerbini

As a choreographer:
- In 2001 he presented his first choreographic work, "Drops of Memory".
- In 2002 he staged "Touching feet under the covers".
- In 2005 he choreographed with Michal Mualem the duet "In Between" awarded in 2006 at the 20th International Choreographic Competition in Hannover.
- In 2006 and 2007 he created "Here and not" trio with the Michal Mualem and the "Silenzio Cucito" quartet.
- Since 2007 he has created together with Michal Mualem several choreographies of the specialization course "Modem" directed by Roberto Zappalà in Catania.
- In 2008 he choreographed with Silvia Bertoncelli "Paper-Wall", awarded at the Choreographic Competition "Danz'è" as part of the Festival Oriente Occidente 2008. In the same year he choreographed with Michal Mualem "And after all that ..." for Haifa's "HaDa" Company in Israel.
-In 2011 he creates together with Michal Mualem the duet "Broken Alright Broken Alright". In the same year he created "Mr Moon Mrs Luna" for the "Vizo" art school in Haifa.
- In 2014 he created two choreography for SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, "Seexteen Feet in, Two Feet out" and "Is it okay if I Die like this?".
- In 2016 he works with Giulia Gussago in the Verziano Project entitled "La Causa ed il Caso", in collaboration with La Casa di Reclusione Verziano (Brescia).

As a teacher:
From 2002 he teaches contemporary dance, Contact and Choreographic Workshops in numerous seminars throughout Europe and Israel developing his own methodology. During his activity he has taught in international academies and professional centres such as SEAD (Salzburg), MODEM (Catania), TANZFABRIK (Berlin), IALS (Rome), professional companies and amateurs. For actors proposes a specific work on thev movement and on the body in intensive Stages.
In 2016 he starts a collaboration for the training of educators and operators in the social field.
The lesson is based on Release technique along with other methods and principles that over time we have integrated and reworked in our teaching. The work is based on the possible and multiple directions of our body that anyone can find by gradually abandoning the restrictions and the static nature of the forms.
Constant is the search for greater awareness of gravity, of its weight in relation to movement and space, together with the possibility of perceiving one's body more free to reach its extreme limits and at the same time acquiring the ability to be precise and clear even in the smallest details. We put a special focus on the origin of movement, both physical and mechanical both emotional and expressive. The continuity and the organicity nature of the movement constitute a further element of study as well as the fortification of its center and its own equilibrium, always intended as a dynamic equilibrium in constant change and renewal. Not least are the concepts of compression and release of the movement that lead to an explosiveness effortlessly and naturally.
The goal is to develop a natural language, diversified in its infinite qualities, communicative and healthy and that allows everyone to rediscover their innate characteristics and diversity that characterize the identity of everyone, recognizing their limitations and learning to see them as an opportunity rather than as a problem. "Dance is a great opportunity for us to rediscover our intuitiveness of movement along with the freedom to explore, play and communicate".

At Almadanza he holds courses in Contemporary Pro on Wednesday mornings, Contact on Saturday mornings and follows the professional trainers APP and APP STAGE.