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Ottavio Cannizzaro

Ottavio Cannizzaro – Junior, Teen and senior musicals

At the age of 6 years he began, thanks to his parents, to approach the art world by studying music and theatre. Later he enrolled at the "Vincenzo Bellini" conservatory in Catania, where he studied singing, choral conducting, piano, musical harmony and specializing in clarinet. He continued his singing studies with Vittorio Matteucci (Frollo in Notre Dame de Paris-Italy), Simonetta Cartia, Francesco Mecorio, Lina Pluchino and Elisa Turlà (Cataniaodo EVT, commonly called voicecraft).

He studied acting with important directors such as Pierpaolo Sepe and Giancarlo Sepe in Rome, Pietro Pignatelli and Ayman Mcnbrok, experimenting with various methods (Stanislavskij, Brecht among others). He also deepens the studies on vocality with belting and with specific techniques such as breathing and support. He studied musical theater in London at the Royal Academy with Anne-Marie spead (West-end CMT Vocal Coach). He deepens the film acting with Alejandro Buchelli (Colombian director) with whom he makes a short film. He studied dance in various academies including the IALS in Rome, approaching various styles such as: Classic, modern-jazz, Tip Tap, Contemporary and Broadway jazz. It enriches its training with the speech and speech systems (thanks to the EVT method), developing the possibility of working on the muscles that act in the vocal emission.

From 2014 to 2015 he is an assistant to Elisa Turlà (president of the EVT / voicecraft method in Italy), supporting her in teaching the method in different singing schools in Sicily.

From 2016 he dedicates himself to theatre workshops dedicated to children, developing a method to approach them at the theatre and develop their creativity. Among the most important professional experiences in the theatre: Virgil in the Divine Comedy in Milan with the company "Carnevale"; he interprets the role of the Grand Duke in "Cinderella" in Turin; he takes part in the tour of the "Nuovo Pifferaio Magico"; he was an actor in the company of the Fantateatro; he is Cooper in the new Island Song musical written by Carner & Gregor with First National in Bologna. He was musical director in two companies "La Compagnia Carnevale" and "Pinocchiando". He had the opportunity to perform with Massimo Ranieri at the Teatro Greco in Syracuse.