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Federico Gagan


Federico Gagan - Yoga (Vinyasa Flow) and Stretching and physical enhancement.

He started practicing hatha yoga in 2009. In 2015, he learned the basics of the Akhanda method from Piero Pranav Casanova to the Kutir Yoga Studio. In 2016 he deepens the knowledge of the method with its founder, Yogrishi Vishveketu, graduating in 2016 as a teacher of Akhanda Yoga (200 RYS) at the Anand Prakash Ashram of Rishikesh, in the shadow of Himalayas. In 2017, he deepens his knowledge of the yogasana at the Yoga Training Center in Varanasi, where he practices the iyengerian style and the integrated method with Sunil Kumar, and Asthanga with Sharad Bastakoti. He learned Ayurveda Yoga Therapy by Dr. Rajesh Shrivastava, with which he graduates in 2016 with a Vivekananda certificate. In 2017, you can qualify with the same teacher in Ayurvedic abhyanga massage.