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Anna Albertarelli


Anna Albertarelli - Contact improvisation, Body resonance, Contact massage, Energy rebalancing and body-mind relaxation.

She graduated at the DAMS of Bologna in Psychology of the Arts with a thesis on Contact Improvisation, in the 80s she attended theatre schools: Arsenale del Mimodramma in Milan and Galante Garrone Theatre School in Bologna, following the theatrical pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq. In the ‘90s, she worked with Monica Francia, with Bob Wilson and Tery Weikel, and deepens her dance studies between Paris and Berlin oscillating between French nouvelle dance and techniques of research and improvisation with underground Berlin musicians, and contact improvisation with Dieter Heitcamp at the Tanzfabrik. In these years she decided to become author and set up the AMADOSSALTO research group, presenting their works at Festival of theatre, dance and video dance. She signed choreographies for dance videos and video clips in collaboration with the director Anna de Manincor. In 1997, she was author and screenwriter with Enzo Casucci and choreographer of the video dance "LA CUSTODE" who won at the TTV Festival in Riccione. In 1998, she founded the company VI-KAP, a research group composed of actors-dancers able and disabled, the video-dance "ANGELI" was presented at the TTV of RICCIONE and selected at DANCE ON SCREEN of LONDON in 2000. In 2006, she won the award for best interpreter with her own show and Roberto Passuti GDA. Loro del Reno Festival. For years, she has been coordinating experimental groups and training courses for teachers, dancers, actors, social workers and support teachers aimed at integration through the practice she devised: Corpo Poetico®.Search for other movements. DanceTheatreDisabilityIntegration inserted in the AFI ART FACTORY INTERNATIONAL program.
She is artistic director of numerous projects including Gohatto with Roberto Passuti; CHRONOMETRY OF THE POLYMORPH BODY; Photographing the exhibition enchantment, performative event, workshops with mothers / children and operatives; INSIDE-OUTSIDE real body, virtual body-interdisciplinary creative campus for teenagers. For years, she has been cooperating with the Teatro Testoni Guys of Bologna.

She is a Watsu® practioner certificated with internationally recognized training, teacher for the formation of the watsu and dance module. Instructor of Ai Chi aquatic recognized by ACQUA DYNAMICS INSTITUTE of Yokohama (Japan). Creator of the Bodywatercontact, Contact massage and Body Resonance modules. For years, she has been conducting research on touch-contact which she first explored on land and then in water. In her holistic and psychophysical wellbeing experiences she combines experiences from zen shiatsu, tantsu, pranic therapies, watsu, experiential anatomy, contact dance and meditation. Pilates teacher and postural training, performative body management for actors-dancers, dance contact improvation, physical theater.
Since 2000 she has directed the atelier of her Corpo Poetico® training aimed at dance / theater / disability. For years, she has been working at the Anatomia Sensoriale® atelier of the French choreographer somatopsicopedagogo Carlo Locatelli.