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Cristina Zanasi


Cristina Zanasi - Pilates (morning and lunch break) and Fitball.

Former athlete agonist of artistic gymnastics, since 1993 she’s dedicated herself to the world of fitness and she graduated as a practicing instructor with the F.I.A. (Italian Aerobic Federation, Milan). In 2006, she obtained the diploma of Weightlifting coach and physical culture-technical teacher (Italian Federation of Weightlifting and Physical Culture) and Diploma of beginners and intermediate Pilates (F.B.I. Team). Always with F.B.I. Team specializes in Pilates Instructor I liv. Matwork, Routine and Tools (2007) and pilates for disease of spine (2008), while with EFI sports medicine she obtains the master in Gravity Group-Gravity training system. In 2007, she obtained the Master in Pilates "on the oval ball" at the F.I.F. Academy Italian Fitness Federation and the diploma of Personal trainer, Weightlifting instructor and physical culture (Italian Weightlifting Federation and Physical Culture). In 2012, she obtained the Nike postural training upgrade and in 2017 she became the instructor of Functional Yoga Fitness Training.
Since 2014, she is vice president and coordinator of the fitness sector at ASD Quality Fitness. She worked as a top trainer and fitness instructor at the Virgin Active Bologna-Minganti, fitness trainer at various clubs in Bologna. She does functional workouts before and after childbirth.