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The School

The School

Who are we?

Almiani! We are a team of professionals who share the great passion for dance. Following the dream, is our motto, whatever it is.

Children, teens, adults, amateurs, aspiring professionals. Skilled or beginners, professionals or students. We appeal to anyone who loves this art, more generally the art of movement, with personalized services and packet.

The teaching staff directed by Pier Paolo Gobbo is composed of 20 teachers with specific training for each sector. The teaching direction is entrusted to Stefania Onesti and the direction of the contemporary dance sector of Elisa Pagani. Our moral principles are: Professionalism, Passion, Enthusiasm.

Why choose alma?

Why choose Alma? Because it is a welcoming and avant-garde place, a dance house, a welcoming place, a point of reference.

Almadanza is afternoon courses, professional paths but is also wellness and fitness, services for the whole family. An entertainment program and specific packages. A hub of possibilities for all members and their families.

The structure

More than 1000 square meters of technically furnished spaces specifically for the choreutical and movement disciplines.

- 5 large ballroom;
- 1 space dedicated to physiotherapy massages and wellness;
- 1 space dedicated to physical preparation;
- 1 reception foyer;
- 1 place dedicated to the study equipped with wi fi;
- relaxation areas;


Technique and health


The wellness and health of our students are very important to us. To prevent accidents or problems we have chosen for our ballroom a professional floor designed for the needs of a dancer and, above all, certified at European level.

Working on a floor of this type is essential for professionals as well as for amateurs or for growing and training children. An aspect that is still too underestimated.

Training on an inappropriate floor exposes you to risks such as : tendon inflammation, joint problems, increases the possibility of having friction and wrong twists if it is too slippery or too sticky. In addition, the spine, part of the body particularly interested in movements, strives more if the floor is hard: the whole technique of jumping risks becoming a torture for the back. It is therefore important that the floor is elastic, shock-absorbing and with the right grip.

For these reasons our floor has been studied and tested by experts in the field to guarantee our students the best in terms of prevention and professionalism.

To Europe


Almadanza is twinned with the Highgate Ballet School ( of London directed by Julie Cronshaw and the Académie Méditerranéenne de danse ( of Marseille directed by Thierry le Floc'h and Mitou Manderon.

We offer our students the possibility of summer study stays during which, in addition to dance lessons, it will be possible to increase the study of the language and immerse yourself in the culture of these cities through organized activities.