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Contemporary Dance/Contact Improvisation

Contemporary Dance/Contact Improvisation

Contemporary Dance/Contact Improvisation


Contact improvisation

The proposal of contemporary dance through the techniques of Almadanza's contact improvisation is articulated in a double path: Saturday morning lessons, held by Giannalberto De Filippis and Michal Mualem, are based on a choreographic work;evening course, on Tuesday, held by Anna Albertarelli, which translates into a path experiential and research.

Contact “Structured”

Michal Mualem and Giannalberto de Filippis meet in 2003 initially collaborating as dancers in the Berlinese company of Sasha Waltz. Since 2005, they have founded the Mualem/de Filippis Dance Projects creating different shows in which they base the many movement languages ​​that distinguish them and taking care of training courses in contemporary dance, contact and choreographic composition in important European and Israeli academies. From this comes a path that proceeds by putting specific exercises aimed at a deep understanding of the various elements in focus. The idea is to arrive at a wider and more conscious freedom of experience and expression, as a consequence of a study that from time to time restricts the gaze, along the way, on clear and very targeted issues.
Structured Contact is divided into 3 different and complementary perspectives:

A deeper awareness of one's body, its mechanics and movement dynamics through the Contact.
Understanding and interaction with others, intentions and motivations that lead us to contact, take / give weight and trust, communicate physically and emotionally in different degrees of proximity, from distance in space to the real touch.
The Contact as a choreographic composition tool and more widely artistic expression.

Saturday from 12.00 to 14.00.


Self-management practices of the dancer's body and of the performer.
Path for groups
By Anna Albertarelli

Body-contact-resonance born from the union and experimentation of two techniques: contactdance and watsu (release the body in water). Anna Albertarelli after years of experimentation both on the ground and in the water has devised this module where the essence of the research is to learn to listen to the resonances and reverberations of the person with whom you dance. Water (in this case the body fluids) becomes a vehicle and a teacher for practicing on the ground. Through exercises of bodily exploration, attention to the breath and to the precise signals of the receiver and stretches drawn from Zen Shiatsu, one learns to enter into the empathy of the dance. The liquids of those receiving the massage become the vehicle to which the dance turns. All this listening / present and conscious allows the practitioner to contact (or the dancer / actor) to exercise his improvisation with the other without making effort as if all the density of the air was alchemically transformed into the water it supports. This mode can become a useful tool for listening and training / heating for the contactdance technique, for other body work disciplines, as for actors, performers and dancers.
Tuesdays from 19.00 to 20.30

Teachers: Michal Mualem, Giannalberto de Filippis e Anna Albertarelli